Elbow work


You will get the same individual assessment and personally tailored treatment no matter if you pick a specific style or not. To find out more about some treatments we use, click each treatment type below.

Signature Massage

A signature massage puts the sum of all our knowledge into a session that suits your body’s particular needs. Signature treatments draw heavily from deep tissue, athletic stretching and structural alignment.  

On-Site Corporate or Event Chair/ Table Massage

We will come to your location and bring all the needed supplies to put your employees in a better place. You will simply need to provide a space for us. We can relieve tension, increase range of motion and energize your work force. Chair sessions typically run from 15 to 20 minutes per client and table sessions range from 30 to 90 minutes. We can develop a package to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss what options are available.

Deep Tissue

Often deep tissue is considered a “relaxational” massage for those who enjoy deeper pressure than common in Swedish massage. This is not to say this is a “spa” massage. Deep tissue sessions are a common maintenance treatment for clients who receive massages often. It is used to address common problem areas like the back, glutes and shoulders, but the concepts of deep muscular engagement and slow deliberate pressure can be applied to nearly all areas of the body.

Flexibility/Range of Motion

A treatment that is useful for those looking to expand their range of motion after a loss due to injury or simply to open your body up to more options physically. This is a great option for athletes, yoga and pilates practitioners seeking to take their flexibility to the next level.

Sports Massage

Treatments that focus on either preparation for or recovery from participation in a specific sport. We focus on the actions and muscles taxed most during the athlete’s performance.

Structural Alignment

Structural Alignment consists of up to 10 sessions. In this series,  we tailor each session  to your body's particular structural, postural , and movement patterns, Each session will work with a specific territory of your body , until we have reached our ultimate goal of total body alignment.


Post-surgical massage can significantly reduce healing time and help manage pain and scar tissue formation from surgical incisions and trauma. Additionally, post-surgery treatments can shorten the time it takes to regain full range of motion in repaired joints. Massage can also speed recovery minimize evidence of a variety of cosmetic surgeries.