A massage session with Michael Ciardulli is like hitting a "Refesh" button for the body and mind.  As a professional dancer and fitness teacher, my body is pushed to its physical maximum almost everyday.  Consequently, my demanding performance schedule leaves me with little to no time for muscle repair and recovery.
Michael uses his vast knowledge of the body and personally perfected technique combining stretch and massage to effectively release tension, recharge, and refresh overworked muscles.  As a result, the body can recover and repair extremely quickly, instantly relieving soreness, pain, and vastly reducing the risk of chronic long-term injury.  I look forward to my treatments with Michael, knowing that I will leave him with a relaxed, rejuvenated and sometimes even taller body.  His approach to massage therapy is essential not only for dancers and athletes, but for anyone looking to feel their best!  
Elizabeth S.
Radio City Rockette