Massage is best received when both parties are on the same page and have open communication. To this end we will talk with you upon arrival about your specific goals of a session and breifly discuss your medical history.

If possible we ask clients to fill out this intake form before arriving for their first session this allows us to have a record of the information and we do not have to use time from your session filling out forms.


Our expectations of clients are:  to arrive

  • with a desire to feel better
  • hydrated
  • physically clean
  • clean of all jewelry (on the table, not in the door)
  • open to change
  • prepared to articulate your needs to the therapist during a session regarding pressure, music, temperature, etc

Your expectations for the session are:  to receive

  • professionalism and respect
  • our full attention
  • our commitment to your well being
  • a comfortable, clean environment
  • any specific needs you communicate with us.